The order and rules of prayers reciting


PRAYER – oral text pronounced by a human being that is adopted and approved by the Great God Odin while a human being appeal to Him.

Praying state – state of emotional and intelligent mood of a human being towards the Great God Odin achieved with the help of a prayer.

Objection of a prayer – achievement by a human being the state of unity with the Great God Odin in order to organize own Being under His direction and in accordance with Divine Laws, to achieve enlightenment and understanding of own Divine destiny and get high honor to become  Warrior of God Odin and serve Earth-Mother in His Divine Cohort.
Praying practice – individual or group experience of prayer and interaction with the Great God Odin.

Reciting prayer

Prying practice of a person starts from individual reciting each prayer. The objective of reciting a prayer is to make the prayer acting force while turning to the Great God and to make personal prayer heard by the God. Each prayer is an open door while a person turns and speaks to the God. And in order to start asking the God each person has to open this door individually. The core of reciting a prayer is opening door while speaking to the God. Reciting a prayer practically is a continuous  process or a process with necessary interruptions of repeating the prayer by a person for achievement unity with the Great God Odin. This unity is accompanied with special psycho-emotional state. Each person has his/her own individual state, but its core is the same for all the people and is in the following.

At the beginning of the praying practice a person is divided from the Great God Odin by the shells of his/her negative selfish psycho-emotional states. Within the process of reciting the prayer these shells are gradually dissolved and at last there appeared a moment when the last cover dividing a person from the God dissolves. At this moment a person feels the state of openness, lightness, release, joy, etc. – each person has his/her own individual experiences. While reciting prayers a person has to achieve such state for each recited prayer. The door to the God opened once is opened forever. That is why reciting prayers is made by a person once at the beginning of praying practice. True way of reciting a prayer achieves when a person read a prayer in his heart.

Reading a prayer

Reading a prayer especially in the morning and in the evening should be started only after complete cleaning and all hygienic procedures; in case of circumstances preventing doing it the prayer should be read after washing hands and face, and if it is also impossible the prayer should be started after symbolic drying hands and face.

The Prayer should be read with all respect and gratitude to the God for the Life given by Him and attention and care manifesting by Him.

Individual prayer should be read in specially prepared place standing on feet or knees faced to the Image of the Great God Odin with folded hands in front of chest; in case there is no Image of The God the prayer should be read with a face turned to the North with envisioning the Image of the Great God as flamingly as possible.

Group prayer is made in a specially prepared room under direction of a Warrior of the Great God Odin who has passed consecration, in case there is no Warrior among present people the direction is given to one of present at the prayer people.

Reciting prayer before eating is made standing on foot or sitting.

While reading prayer in public places in presence of adherents of other religions it is necessary to keep adequacy based on respect of worship of other people and general rules and standards of behavior.

The prayer is better to be read aloud, but it can be read to oneself; it should be started and finished with bow manifesting awe in front of the Great God Odin.

Plenitude of the prayer

During appeal to the Great God Odin a prayer should be read in necessary amount of times in one appeal and the necessary amount of appeals should be made; the necessary number of repetitions of the prayer in one appeal is defined by the prayerful state plenum of a person; the plenum process of a person with prayerful state is like the process of filling tabernacle with the water: each reciting of the prayer fills emptiness of a person and at last with next reciting of the prayer there comes a moment that gives unforgettable sense of completeness accompanied with the state of joy; sufficiency of number of appeals during a day and the number of days of reciting the prayer manifests in the state of saturation, accompanied with satisfaction and confidence.

Mandatory prayers

- at the dawn of the Sun reciting of the SAT PREM -  3-7 times; Morning prayer - 1-3 times;

-  till 12 a.m. reciting of the Morning prayer desirable number of times;

-  from 12 a.m. till 6 p.m. reciting of The Day prayer desirable number of times;

- before eating and after eating reciting correspondent prayer one time;

- before sleeping reciting of the Thanksgiving prayer 1-3 times.

Memorable days:

- June 28  - Birthday of the Great God Odin; this day SAT PREM is to be read after rising of the Sun for 13 times; the Thanksgiving prayer to the God Almighty - 1 time; reciting of the Grace-payer to the Great God Odin - 7 times; reciting of the Call to the God Odin to Russia -7 times and reading Sacrament of the Warrior to the Great God Odin - 3 times;

-  Wednesday – a day of week of the Great God Odin; this day after the Sun dawn reciting of the SAT PREM - 13 times; the Morning prayer - 3 times and the Grace-prayer to the Great God Odin – Р—times.

MEMO – any prayer could be read aloud or by oneself in any place for any affair if necessary and a person feels a desire to do it.

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