translated by Svetlana Maruseva



Thanksgiving to God Supreme


The Demiurge of the Universe,

Our God Supreme and true Love source!

Creator of the Power and Life,

You are who substance make alive.

Please, hear the people of the Earth

And give Your blessing on our Mirth!


We heartily thank You for God Odin,

You sent Him here right on time.

He knows human’s Essence, Mission,

He is our defining Paradigm!


God Odin is your faithful Courier,

Brave, very Wise and Honest Warrior.

He lights up our beings´ Way!

All soldiers, heroes Him to pray!


With Odin’s help we forming  warriors’ swarm,

Earth Mother’s state will soon transform!

The Lord, we swear that the Earth

Will shy in the beauty of rebirth!


We desperately plead with You

For goodness’ sake support His view!

In favour of Your plans success,

Provide Him with Your Help and Bless!



Health Prayer

«Glory to You, Odin!»


Glory to You, Odin,

Prosper and Live!

Take Care of our Planet,

In You we believe!


You are our Father -

Noble, Powerful, Wise!

The gracious Creator

Gives the wisest Advice!


Omnipotent Odin,

Glory to You forever!

To achieve Our Purpose,

We make every endeavour!


Glory to you, Odin,

Odin the Great!

The Lord of all Warriors,

The Hand of the Fate!


Eternal Glory

To all Your Deeds!

The Father Odin,

You know our needs!


Eternal Glory

To Love and to Life!

Our Lord, with You

We’ll certainly thrive!


Odin the Great,

Glory to You!

The Guard of the Earth,

You air the view!


You are our Power!

You are our Joy!

And our prayer

For better employ!


Glorify Odin,

The One and the Giver!

The Light of Life

To the Earth You deliver!


Vastly enlarge

Your brave Army of Warriors!

Forthcoming Victories

Will be so glorious!


God be heartily thanked!

Odin, You are the Grand!

Warriors are powerfully ranked!

Prosperity to the Motherland!




The faith, our Odin,

Please, fortify!


Odin the Great!

The Guard of the Earth!

The Hand of the Fate!

The Lord of all Warriors!


You are our Father,

We are children of Your!

With the Faith in our Hearts

We’ll win all the wars!


Appeal to Great God Odin for territory of any country


The Omnipotent Odin, Odin the Great,

Come to this territory, it is Your estate!

I heartily plead, please, manifest!

Forever and ever, our Master the Best!


Hold our people and our Motherland,

Behind Your shield, let’s go hand in hand!

Let Justice be served forever,

Let The Truth be discerned whatever!


Come, Odin the Great, and Let the Humanity rise!

Assure, The Father, Your Law always applies.

Just Retribution comes to this place at last!

Egoism has no chance but to bite the dust!


We glorify Your Power! We make an Appeal!

We follow Your Path and share Your Will.

We are the faithful Militia of Yours!

Odin the Great, shine and light on the Earth!



Oath-dedication to the Great God Odin


Entering Your great Army, I swear

To win all inhumans and scum, I declare!

To be faithful and loyally Server,

Every breath of my Life to deserve!


To face the enemy well-armed, I swear

My knife, my sword, my spear are used so fair!

And if I stay with only shield,

The enemy will still be killed!


As long as my heart beats – the enemy is defeated!

I’ll take him with me if I even die, the Mission should be completed!

My blood will clean our space and air,

It is a miracle cure to save Life, I swear!


Our Russia will be in a glorious bloom forever!

The Russian people’ll take fresh heart, we’ll dare!

To Odin, faithfully and loyally to serve, I swear!

Devote my life to our Planet’s Happiness, I’ll care!





I’m Your Warrior, Odin Bravest and Wise!

With profound respect greeting You at sunrise!

Be the Light of my heart, reveal Your creation!

Be the part of myself, through Your manifestation!

I serve to You, to Love and Life,

The Mission is noble and clean.

The Father of All, He helps us to thrive!

The Earth always stays in Peace and Serene!



   The Morning Prayer


Odin the Great! Odin the Wise!

I pray to you this morning....

Odin the Light, provide Your advice!

Assure my Path’s rightly going.


Help me move forward with courage and ease,

 Successfully accomplish all my Deeds.

Let me fulfill my stated Mission, please,

And complete all Your Errands and Needs!


Ensure that all barriers I fully remove

And manage to finish all You ask me to do!

Please give Your kind Blessing, and my actions approve!

Strengthen my Spirit this whole day through!



Day Prayer


Odin the Great, hear my plea,

In light of the Spirit, please, manifest!

On the deed to save Life

I pray to be blessed!


To see provide me with the Vision,

Give me good Sense to comprehend,

To hear the Truth I need a sharp Ear,

For Spirit - Power to stand!



Thankful Prayer to Odin


I thank You, Omnipotent Odin,

For this fruitful, eventful and beautiful day,

For Knowledge, Experience and Power,

For Your Manifestations that supported my Way.


A starlit night is coming,

The Earth is getting Her well-deserved rest.

The Supreme God continues creating

With His powerful Hand, Steady and Blessed.


Your Spirit will come to Earth,

Our Motherland will be revived and thrive.

The Army of Your faithful Followers

Will gain more and more Power, Force and Drive.      


Serene and Peace bring to the Earth,

Burn all inhuman monsters in bright clear Light.

The God Supreme provides His Support,

You’ll forever stay in His Sight.  



Before the Meal


My Lord! Odin the Great! Odin the Grand!

I am Your Soldier! I serve to my Motherland!

I plead for Your divine mercy,

I beg You, give Your Blessing to me!

Please make the food my magic Power,

Assure that my body revive and flower.

Let Joy and Force flow forth and be mine,

Please, my Volition fortify!

So that Triumph always be real!

Please kindly share this meal!



After Meal


I’m deeply grateful to my Motherland

For Her generous Gift which is precious and grand,

For the possibility to feed my body with Life Power,

To continue serving Odin in every minute and hour!



 Business Prayer


Odin the Great, Odin the Light!

Assure my Business is always all right.

Raise my good Fortune, bring me Success,

Give better Luck, clean up all the mess!


Please, share Your Wisdom and Power, 

To make crucial business flower!

Let me have vigor and quick wits,

With ease accomplish all my deeds.


I ask you for intense sensation

To choose the suitable location.

More patience, order, sensibility,

Good luck and adequate ability.


God Odin! To You I my Business devote!

Make me clever and brave, support on the road.

Help all my deeds be fruitful and skilled,

All purposes, goals can be easily fulfilled.


To run the Business efficiently

Provide me with positive spirit sufficiently.

My sincere gratitude and respect to You

For Your infinite patience and unimpeded view.


Please, help me and supply me with the clue,

Let me produce the outcome desired by You.

The Earth should greatly benefit from it,

Your powerful Blessing, please, transmit.



For the Journey


Beginning the journey or planning the trip,

My bow to the Lord is sincere and deep,

Please, make my whole path clear, easy and light,

My Father, I beg You, keep me in Your sight!

Help me, My God, provide the Power!

For serving Odin every hour!



The invitation to the house


Odin the Great,

 My Powerful Lord!

Please come to my home,

Bless me with Your sword!

My every endeavor

Please, favour, My God!

Settle here forever

In my home and my heart!



For Your Own Health (male prayer)


My Holy God, Odin the Great!

I am praying to You for my Physical State!

For my body which given to me by my birth,

Prevent it from decay, keep me on the Earth!


My body with Health I beg You to bless,

Please, clear my blood, fill my mind with finesse!

My Lord, I am here appealing to You,

For enhancing my gender, my hearing and view!


So that I become healthy, powerful man,

With clear perception and accurate plan!

Help me stay alert, energetic for long,

Efficient, effective, productive and strong!


Each my step, each my deed should be fruitful and worth,

To be warrior doughty serving the Earth!



The Prayer For the Significant Other


Odin the Great, plead with You for my Dear

My respect and My Love for him is so sincere...

Support Him, Our Father, in his worthy endeavor,

Assure his luck and his fortune whatever!


So that He behaves with high dignity, honor,

To achieve the result and avoid a tight corner,

Help Him constantly show great valour, nobility,

Bravery and willpower as eternal ability!


Decisive and doughty, Dear Lord, let Him be

In very good health, more and more loving me!

Let him serve You well, strictly and fair,

Make his path light and straight everywhere! 

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