Odin Faith



The Religious Faith, the Sacred knowledge meant for its  initiates, engaged, religionized people as well as for the followers of other beliefs, should give clear answers to the following questions:

1.      What Manifestations, i. e. Hypostases, Absolute Divinity Aspects, take the central or leading position in the religious Faith; Divine pantheon associated with Them and its hierarchy, i.e.  Whom the believers should pray, Whom and in what situations to turn for help, advice, etc., the nature and features of Their relationship and interactions between them.

2.      What the nature of relationship and interactions between the followers of the religious Faith and its Divine pantheon especially with its key figures is, i. e. Who the Divine is for the believers and who the believers are for the Divine and for each other, as well as the ability of the believers to communicate with the Divine pantheon directly or with the help of mediators, etc.

3.      What the believers’ Foreordination is, i. e. what the essence of the believers’ Being is and what the ultimate goal of their life is, if it does exist.

4.      How the objective of the believers’ Existence is achieved, methods and ways of fulfillment by the believers of their Foreordination.


The Odin Faith gives clear and simple answers to all the formulated questions.


The essence of the Odin Faith


The Divine in the Odin Faith


The human race exists in its star system that is a small element of the vast Universal world. The Universe with all its levels and dimensions, galaxies and nebulae, with all Existing and Living  in it is one of the manifestations of the Absolute Divinity, That is the One That creates and the One That is the source of creation, and the One That is the result of creation. The Absolute Divinity is the Beginning and the End of all the Beginnings, the source of Its own development and perfection is the interaction between the Great Male and the Great Female Principles who in impersonalized way manifest themselves as the Absolute and the Abyss.

The interaction between the Absolute as the Creator and the Abyss as the Energy and the Matter brings forth Space, Time, Substance and Existence from which all Existing and its being are created. The Existing and its being are created by the Absolute manifested as the God Supreme – the God Almighty and the Abyss manifested as the Goddess Supreme – the Goddess Almighty.

The Great Male Principle is manifested in the God Supreme as the Spirit Almighty – the World Spirit.

The Great Female Principle is manifested in the Goddess Supreme as the Soul Almighty – the World Soul.

All Existing and its being have their essence and meaning that define the content, state, appearance (manifestation) and action (interaction) to the Existing and its being.

The Soul Almighty and the Spirit Almighty endow the Existing and Living with essence and meaning.

The interaction between the Spirit Almighty and the Soul Almighty brings forth creativity, creation, development, perfection and all the variety of energies as well as bliss – the highest manifestation of the Being.

The power that gives rise to the bliss during the interaction between the World Spirit and the World Soul is the energy of the Divine Love.

The God Almighty and the Goddess Almighty, creatively interacting with each other, generated the endless fan of universes and gave a matrix of laws of the Being and Content to each of them.

The universe with human beings – humanoids, existing in it, is also the creation of the God Almighty and the Goddess Almighty. They created the Humanoid Universe to materialize the Life evolution as one of the manifestations of the power of the Divine Love.

The matrix of the Divine laws of the Being of the humanoid Universe includes the Law of Development and Perfection, the Law of Harmony, the Law of Justice (Cause and Effect), the Law of Order and the Law of Changes.

The Law of Development and Perfection defines the nature of the evolution of the Universal life as well as the presence of energies performing the evolution.

The Law of Harmony sets the state of energies performing the evolution of the Universal life and defines the main Power forming this state.

The Law of Justice (Cause and Effect) relates the result, obtained during the interaction of the powers, to the nature of their interaction and the impact of the result on the state of the powers and the evolution of the Universal life.

The Law of Changes sets the terms of the transition from quantity to quality that neutralize entropy and provide the evolution of life of the Universe.

The Law of Order while implementing the evolution of the Universal life determines the structure of the interaction between the Divine laws of the Being of the Universe and the hierarchy as well as the rules and the structure of the energies’ interaction.

The God Almighty manifested as the Father God – the Great Odin and the Goddess Almighty manifested as the Mother Goddess – the Great Mother created and brought forth all the variety of life of the Universe having founded the World Life Tree to which human beings also belong.


Human beings and the Great Divine Powers


Human beings are born by the Great Divine Powers, they have their Divine Parents: the Father God – the Great Odin and the Mother Goddess – the Great Mother. Human beings are the children of their Divine Parents, the pledge of the Divine Love of the Father God and the Mother Goddess. And, being their children, they resemble and are similar to their Divine Parents and have a direct connection with them. This connection is performed via the essence that the Great Odin and Great Mother fixed for human beings when creating them.

This essence is put into a human being at birth by the Great Spirit of the Father God and the Great Soul of the Mother Goddess and it manifests itself in the human being as his individual Spirit and individual Soul.

The individual Spirit and individual Soul contain the essence of a man and the reason for his existence as a human being and also determine his unique character, powers and abilities. The individual Spirit and individual Soul of a human being are constantly in immediate contact with the Great Spirit of the Father God and the Great Soul of the Mother Goddess, thus providing continuous direct connection of human beings with their Divine Parents.   

The individual Spirit and individual Soul are born in the Divine space and form the Divine, i.e. the highest part of a human being and interact with each other on the basis of the power of Love. Apart from the Divine part, a human being has the energetic part that allows him to interact with the energies and structures in the energetic space and also the physical part for actions in the physical world.

The Divine part of a human being has no structure or no definite separation into the Male and Female principles. Whereas the energetic and physical parts of a human being have definite energetic and physical structures and have a definite separation and manifestation of the Male and Female principles: the Male principle as a man and the Female principle as a woman.

The human being, single and inseparable in the Divine space, is manifested in the energetic and physical space as a man and woman, united by the power of Love and interacting with each other on the basis of the power of Love.

In his physical part all the energetic patterns of a human being are manifested by way of complete forms and states. The individual Spirit and the individual Soul of a human being manifested in his physical part also possess a definite form.

The individual Soul of a human being is manifested in his physical part in the form of a drop that is in a close contact with the heart of the physical body of a man and forms the basis of the heart centre. The Individual Soul manifested in the physical body is called the Soul of the physical body. The Soul of the physical body as well as the individual Soul herself is everlasting and indestructible.  The Soul of the physical body emanates her cordial energies that are the basis of the hearty, emotional energies of a human being.

The individual Spirit of a human being is manifested in his physical part in the form of  a column that is in a close contact with the brain and spinal cord of the physical body of a human being and is the basis of the intellectual centre of a human being. The individual Spirit manifested in the physical body is called the Spirit of the physical body. The Spirit of the physical body as well as the individual Spirit himself is everlasting and indestructible. The Spirit of the physical body emanates the spiritual energies that are the basis of the intellectual energies of a human being.

The individual Spirit and the individual Soul of a human being are present in the masculine and female hypostases, i.e. in a man and in a woman. Thus, both a man and a woman have a Spirit and a Soul. Besides, a man and a woman possess pronounced peculiarities. 

A man is the carrier of the Male principle and is in fact the manifestation of the individual Spirit of a human being into the physical world. Thus, a man, personifying the individual Spirit of a human being has his projection into the physical body. But in his physical body there is also the Soul of his physical body. In this case, one could say that a man in the physical world is doubled Spirit and single Soul.

A woman is the carrier of the Female principle and is in fact the projection of the individual Soul of a human being into the physical world. Thus, a woman is in fact the manifestation of the individual Soul of a human being. Besides, in her physical body she also has the Soul and the Spirit of the physical body. One could say that a woman in the physical world is doubled Soul and single Spirit.

Thus, in the physical space even in the manifestation of their divine part, a man and a woman separately are free radicals that aim at finding each other and unite to acquire full value, perfection and completeness. As the unity of a man and woman is carried out by force of the Divine Love, in the physical space a man and a woman form a united being of full value that possesses the ability for full implementation of the reason for his existence. Besides every man has only one woman that matches him and vice versa.

The status of human beings and the Great Divine Powers as children and their Divine Parents define the character of relationships between them. Born by the Divine Love human beings are given love and support of the God Father and the Mother Goddess.  By giving Life to human beings, the Great Odin and the Great Mother defined their place of birth, their cradle and their own home, having created optimal conditions for the existence, development and perfection of human beings.  It was the Earth - a living, feeling creature like everything in the humanoid Universe - that became such a cradle and home for human beings.

After the birth of human beings the Father God and the Mother Goddess began to teach and bring them up, making them ready for the implementation of the reason for their existence. The Great Odin and the Great Mother used to be, are and will always be Divine Teachers and Mentors for human beings. So that human beings could fulfil their purpose correctly, the Great Divine Powers gave them the ability to perceive everything in the Universe and also the Sacred Knowledge and opportunity not only to understand it but also to take decision (free will) and act to attain its fulfilment. 

So that actions of human beings were strictly in line with the fulfilment of their Divine Purpose, i.e. so that their actions were righteous, the Father God and the Mother Goddess endowed human beings with Сonscience At the heart of the Conscience there lie the Individual Spirit and the Individual Soul of a human being. The Conscience forms the core of the morality of a human being.

The Morality is the manifestation of Conscience of a human being in his behavior and activity. Conscience is manifested first of all as a matrix of human states and embodies: valour, dignity, nobility, honour, sincerity, openness, courage, resolution, loyalty, justice, perseverance, etc.  That is why all that comes from Conscience of a human being is moral because Conscience is the manifestation of the essence of a human being in his behavior and activity.

A man is a human being till he acts according to his Conscience. And for a human being the most important while acting in every situation is to be and remain a human being. That is the essence of the process of upbringing human beings by the Great Divine Powers - always and everywhere to manifest themselves, to be and remain just human beings.  

The God Father and Mother Goddess execute the upbringing of human beings by the means of lessons, i.e.events and situations that they pass in the process of their existence.

Depending on the behavior and activity of a human being, events and situations are formed by his Destiny and Doom.

Destiny and Doom are powers that ensure a man’s execution of his destiny and correct his behavior as a human being.  

The Great Divine Powers teach and bring up human beings carefully, with respect and understanding, strictly and fairly. And all this is the manifestation of Their Love for human beings. 

Human beings treat the Great Divine Powers with reverence and gratitude.

Reverence is the manifestation of Love of human beings for their Divine Parents for the fact that They exist. For the fact that They gave Life and reason for existence to human beings.  

Gratitude is the highest manifestation of appreciation of human beings to the Great Divine Powers for Their attention and care, for precept and upbringing, for the ability to feel, love and create.

Reverence generates in human beings respect to the world around and everything that exists in it as to different manifestations of the Great Divine Powers.

Gratitude generates in human beings aspiration and desire to be helpful to their Divine Parents, i.e. fulfil their purpose properly and completely.


Divine destiny of the human beings


The humanoid Universe is created by the Great Divine Powers for the evolution of Life as the manifestation of the Divine Love. Thus, the Divine destiny of the Universe itself and all the existing and living in it, including human beings, is the participation in the process of the evolution of Life. It is the Evolution of Life that is the purpose of life of the human beings.

The essence of the evolution of Life is in the full development and fulfilment of the potential capacity of the existing quality of life and in creation of new qualities of life. The first point can be achieved in the process of development, the second one can be attained in the process of perfection.

Development provides the diversity of forms of manifestation of the life quality that has already been created and exists.

Perfection strengthens and improves the potential of capacities of the new quality of life that is being created.

The process of development presents acquisition of the potential capacity of the existing quality of life. It is accompanied by the expenditure of life energies contained in the life quality because of the entropy of the existence of life quality.

The process of perfection presents the change of the existing life quality by transformation of its potential. It is accompanied by the decrease and neutralization of entropy of the existence of life quality and also by the preservation and increase of life energy reserve.

The processes of development and perfection are interrelated and exist, simultaneously flowing into each other or accompanying each other.

The evolution of Life does not happen by itself. It is performed by creatures and powers generated by the Great Divine Powers. Before human beings were created, the main tendency of the evolution of Life in the Universe had been development, performed by different creatures generated by the Great Divine Powers, and perfection was accomplished by the Great Divine Powers themselves. With the birth of human beings a qualitative change took place. The Father God and Mother Goddess entrusted the human beings not only with performing development but also perfection.

The development for a human being meant manifestation and acquirement of all the capacities of the potential put into the physical body.

The perfection implied strengthening of the potential of capacities of the human body that reduced its restriction formed at birth and increased its power.

It meant that a human being gradually acquired abilities to influence, control and manage not only the state of the physical body but also the processes running in it, up to the cellular, molecular and wave levels, i.e. acquired abilities to completely transform his physical body. These abilities turned the physical body into a magic tool of influence upon the world around and turned the human being into a magician, i.e. a creature capable of changing space, time and physical characteristics of the material world.

And, really, if a human being has an ability to manage the molecular level of his physical body, it signifies that by means of his physical body he can influence the molecular level of the world around. In fact, the Great Divine Powers transmitted some part of Their might to human beings.

The Father God and the Mother Goddess did it on purpose because they destined for people as for Their children, one of the leading parts in the development and perfection of the World Tree of Life of the Universe. It meant that according to this role people should have had capacities to interact with all the energies, powers and formations of the Universe, and also with all the creatures living in it, that represent different forms of life including the Universe itself as a living creature.

In order to let human beings fulfil their purpose exactly, the Great Divine Powers gave them the structure and the configuration that correspond to their Divine purpose and placed them into the Solar system on the Earth into conditions, optimal for the complete manifestation of the capacities put into the human beings.

On the Earth the Father God and the Mother Goddess materialized the whole Universe in miniature. In this lies the uniqueness of the planet Earth which is a miniature of the humanoid Universe. The Earth possesses a structure similar to that of the Universe. All the elements of the Universe are a part of the Earth. The World Life Tree is entirely represented on the Earth in the variety of its biosphere and noosphere. The diversity of flora and fauna existing in the air, on earth, in the ground and under the ground projects the diversity of life manifestations existing in the Universe. And it doesn’t just project the diversity of life forms but projects entire civilizations of living creatures existing in the Universe.

All kinds of humanoids, existing in the Universe, are also represented on the Earth in the similitude of human beings. The humanity on the whole is a tiny projection of the community of humanoid civilizations of the Universe. Although human beings are physically and psychoemotionally alike, as a matter of fact they have generic and race peculiarities not only of terrestrial but also of cosmic origin. On Earth every human clan is a projection of a vast humanoid civilization existing in a part of the Universe. There exists and is maintained an energetic and informational connection between every humanoid civilization in the Universe and its projection on Earth. This connection allows the humanoid civilization to perceive all the achievements, reached in the process of development and perfection of the human clan that is its projection on Earth.

This is another unique peculiarity of the planet Earth and the Solar system on the whole. It is a space laboratory in which the God Father- the Great Odin, and the Mother Goddess- the Great Mother, while upbringing , developing and perfecting people, choose optimal ways of development and perfection for every humanoid civilization of the Universe and the World Life Tree as a whole.

The uniqueness of the Solar system and the importance of the processes taking place on Earth, predetermined the presence of all the Divine Powers of the Universe on Earth and in the Solar system. As the projection of the whole World Life Tree is manifested on Earth, on it there present all the Divine Powers responsible for Its development and perfection headed by the God Father Great Odin and the Mother Goddess.

The hierarchy and the structure of the Divine Powers of the Universe possess the higher order and are common for the whole Universe. It means that the same Divine Powers are responsible for the same processes taking place in different parts of the Universe. The same holds true for the organization of the processes of development and perfection of the humanoid civilizations of the Universe – all of them are performed under the direction of the Father God and the Mother Goddess by the members of their Divine Family. Almost every clan on Earth has its own Divine pantheon. The Gods in these pantheons differ only by names under which different humanoid civilizations know the same Divine Powers. Actually, the Divine pantheon of the Universe is the same for the whole Universe but for different humanoid civilizations one and the same Divine Powers of this pantheon have different names.

These names are defined, first of all, by the peculiarities of the Divine purpose of the humanoid civilization; secondly, by the resonance on which the interaction between the Divine Power and the humanoid civilization is performed; thirdly, by the peculiarities of perception of the Divine Power by the representatives of the humanoid civilization and, fourthly, by the energetic structure of representatives of humanoid civilization. In this way, a human race or several races, close to each other by their psychoenergetics are naturally connected with the name of the Divine Power because Its name reflects a true, rightful character of the interaction between people of a race (several races) and the Divine Power. And that means that to maintain his/her resonance with the Divine Power a human being should address It by Its name traditional for his/her race. Otherwise, the natural connection between the human being and the Divine Power may ruin.

For example, the Father God for the race of Russes and the races close to it has a name Od (a short name meaning Power giving life and forming the basis of every living thing) and also the name Odin ( a full name reflecting the wholeness and the unity of the world). And the Russian language contains this harmonious natural and inextricable connection between the Russes and the Great Odin. This connection is reflected by the most important and significant words for the Russes: R-OD (meaning “RACE”), R-ODIN-A (“MOTHERLAND”), PRIR-OD-A (“NATURE”), V-OD-A (“WATER”) and many others. Therefore, a human being is a genuine Rus and can fulfil his/her Divine purpose only when he/she prays to the Father God – the Great Odin.

Rodina (“the Motherland”) is a place on the Earth where the human race fulfills its divine destiny. The motherland of the race of Russes is the Great Rus’. This is the place where the Soul and the Heart of the Planet are situated. One of the main component parts of the divine destiny of the race of Russes is the maintenance of the emotional and energetic connection with the Soul and Heart of the Planet, reinforcement of this connection, its strengthening and protection.

The difference in names of one and the same Divine pantheon couldn't principally cause difficulties in interaction between different races of human beings, and certainly couldn’t lead to religious conflicts detecting whose faith was more true with all ensuing consequences. It was simply impossible. Every human being, regardless of his/her tribal affiliation, knew that all people pray to the same Great Divine Powers and Their manifestations having different names in different human languages. In brief, one may say that every human being worshiped his/her own Gods and respected Gods of other human races.

Having endowed people with the ability for perfection, that is the ability to transform the physical matter, the Father God and the Mother Goddess foresaw a system in the structure of a human being, regulating this ability. The point is that with this ability simply the existence of human beings in the physical world, say nothing of their dynamic actions, influenced the world around.

The Divine destiny of human beings is the evolution of Life of the Universe. It means that people must strengthen Life with their states and actions.

Life strengthening is the sacred duty of human beings to their Divine Parents. The Responsibility for his/her own life and life of the world around, for his/her own development and perfection and the development and perfection of the world around is a natural state of a human being, that stems from his/her birth as a human being.

A human being strengthens Life with his/her states and actions only when he/she fulfils them according to the Divine Laws of the Existence established by the Great Divine Powers. And this means that emotional and energetic states of a human being, his/her desires, motives of actions and also the actions themselves should be righteous, which means ethical.

The purity of desires comes from the individual Soul of a human being. The purity of motives comes from his/her individual Spirit. The purity of actions is defined by the purity of psychoenergetical states of a human being.

The Life of the Universe and of all the existing things is manifested in the emotional states, their variety, strength, dynamics and also in their development and perfection. Being in resonance with the world around, a human being through his righteous, that is human, psychoemotional states, strengthens his/her own life and the life of the world around.

Human states are creative states. Among these are: joy, happiness, tenderness, sincerity, purity, tranquility, sense of peace, sureness, sensibility, kind-heartedness, resoluteness, courage, honesty, responsibility, adequateness, gratitude , etc. All that means that human ethics originates from the Divine. This implies that ethics is common for all the humanoid civilizations of the Universe.

Moreover, it is the level of ethics, existing in the civilization, that defines the level of its spiritual development (the nearness to God) and correspondingly the level of the evolution. The higher the ethics of the civilization is, the higher the level of its evolution is.

The individual Spirit, the individual Soul and the matrix of the human states form the Consciousness of a human being, that not only forms the behavior of a man, but rules his impact on the physical world. The more powerful the matrix of the human states is, the more a man is a human being and the stronger the force of his Consciousness lets him influence the physical matter in a magical way, i.e. through an act of will, psychoenergetic act, during the process of development and perfection. And, on the contrary, the weaker the matrix of the human states is, i.e. the fewer human states are in a man, the weaker the force is, with which a man’s Consciousness lets him influence the physical matter in a magical way. When the matrix of human states is weakened considerably, a moment comes when a man’s Consciousness closes his ability to influence the physical matter in a magical way. In this case a human being can influence the physical matter directly by means of his/her body and indirectly by means of created auxiliary devices. But these will be not quite human interactions with the living matter and they may turn out to be anything but righteous.


The methods to fulfill the Divine destiny by the human beings


The evolution of Life is the essence of the Divine destiny of the human beings. The evolution of Life is fulfilled/ executed by people in the process of their own development and perfection and development and perfection of the world around. To organize the process and fulfil the development and perfection, a human being needs knowledge about what and how to do, energy and instrument of doing, and the structure maintaining the control over the process.   

For the human being the source of knowledge, primarily, of the Sacred one, is his individual Spirit and individual Soul. They are, owing to their origin, the unlimited source of energy to provide development and perfection of the human being. The instrument of the implementation of the process of development and perfection is the human being himself, and besides, he is at the same time the object and the subject of this interconnected process, because a human being can implement  the development and perfection of the world around only through his own development and perfection.

To provide the management of the process of development and perfection the Great Divine Powers created for a human a special structure - Consciousness.

The Consciousness contains in itself the concretized knowledge about the world order and structure of the Universe, about the purpose, meaning and Divine laws of Existence, about the individual peculiarities of the human being, the history of his existence, experience of the realization of the Divine Destiny, and much more.

Consciousness has the ability to accept the Knowledge, possessed by the individual Spirit and the individual Soul of the human being, to accept the information characterizing the current state of existence of the human being, to form strategic and tactical goals and objectives of the existence, as well as to create methods, ways and techniques to achieve them, to make decisions, to organize its execution and to control the achievement of the necessary result, carrying out the necessary adjustment to the activities of the human being.

Consciousness contains self-consciousness, which stores Knowledge about the individuality of the human being and its features. On the basis of Knowledge, self-consciousness forms understanding in consciousness, self-consciousness and memory. 

Memory preserves the Knowledge of the individual existence of the human being and the gained experience. 

Mind carries out all that is connected with the decision and its taking. 

Attention is a separate structure but it also belongs to consciousness. 

Attention has the ability to concentrate and stay in any energy. In addition, only with those energies, where attention is concentrated, it is possible to make the required changes. In a sense, attention is the hands of self- consciousness

The process of development and perfection of the human being from the standpoint of its organization by the consciousness is as follows. Since the appearance of a human being in the physical world, i.e. from the moment of conception of the physical body, consciousness carries out, on the one hand, the formation and development of the psychoenergetic structure and the physical body of man, taking into account the features of his Divine purpose and, on the other hand, the adaptation of the man to existence and activity in the physical world. At this stage, the role of human parents, who gave him a physical body, educators, mentors and Teachers, whose main task is to create optimal conditions for the preparation of the man to fulfill his Divine destiny, is great. 

Consciousness carries out the process of formation and development of the physical body of a human, using the energies coming from his individual Spirit and Soul, including the energies of life necessary for the growth of his physical body. Since the general line of being of parents is development and perfection, the psychoenergetic environment in which the child is brought up, actively contributes to the formation of Conscience and the matrix of human states in his physical body, which, in turn, is the basis of moral conduct in his subsequent activity. The process of forming Conscience is completed by the rite of initiation of the child, after which he begins to fulfill his Divine destiny independently. 

The structure of a human being who fulfills the Will of the Great Divine Forces is able to perceive, internalize and transmit into the surrounding world the entire spectrum of energies necessary for the realization of development and perfection. The individual Spirit and individual Soul of a human provide him with access to these energies, including such important ones as the energy of life. 

At every moment of human existence, the current of energies flowing through the structure of his being provides compensation of the energy input of his previously formed activities, i.e. compensation for energy entropy. However, the process of development and perfection is continuous and constant and puts a new task before the human that needs to be solved.

In order to solve this new task, a human must carry out the process of awareness, understanding, decision-making, and doing.

Awareness is the process of a human's perception of the energy of the Sacred knowledge, which is necessary for him to solve an emerging problem. Herewith, the energies of the Sacred knowledge flow into the entire structure of the human being. Since the bearers of the Sacred knowledge for a human are his individual Spirit and Soul, their presence in the structure of the human being, including his physical body, increases in the process of awareness. This means that the individual Spirit and Soul of ahuman, penetrating deeper into the physical body, implement their Knowledge and increase their might in the physical space. At the same time, the process of perfection of the physical body happens, which, reducing its limitations, becomes more and more spiritualized and animated, increasing its might.

Understanding and decision- making are the processes of assimilating the energies of the Sacred knowledge, bearing in mind the individual's own experience of existence and forming a sequence of actions to achieve results. Mainly, the consciousness and Conscience of a human take part in it.

Action is the process of human deeds, through which the result is achieved, where assimilation and consolidation of the energies of the Sacred knowledge in the physical body happen, as a result of completing the task of development and perfection. Herewith, the flow of energies coming from the individual Spirit and individual Soul of a human into his physical body, and through it into the surrounding world, increases and intensifies.

Thus, the evolution of Life by a human is carried out through the increase of the might (evolution) of his consciousness, strengthening (evolution) of morality and transformation (evolution) of the physical body. At the same time, the world around the human improves and his human reality becomes more creative, joyful and happy.


The characteristics of Odin Faith


  • The Great Odin and the Great Mother are alive, creating Life, protecting and demiurgic Gods.
  • The Great Odin and the Great Mother created the World Tree of Life Of the humanoid Universe and closely monitor its condition, development and improvement.
  • Human beings are born by the Great Odin and the Great Mother.
  • Human beings are the children of their Divine Parents: the God Father – the Great Odin, and the Goddess Mother – the Great Mother.
  • Human beings have a direct connection with their Divine Parents through the bestowed individual Spirit and individual Soul and therefore have the capacity to communicate and interact with Them.
  • The God Father and The Goddess Mother treat human beings with love and care and form the optimal conditions for the fulfillment of their destiny.
  • The Divine destiny of human beings is their own development and improvement, as well as participation in the development and improvement of the World Tree of Life.
  • The basis of the relationship of human beings to their Divine Parents is gratitude, reverence and ministering, which are manifested in the acceptance and strengthening of any manifestation of Life as an act of creation of Great Divine Powers.
  • The basis of the relationship of human beings to each other is Love and Respect as a manifestation of the Divine in man: the more divine in man, the more Love and Respect in him.
  • The God Father and the Goddess Mother always answer questions and requests (prayers) of human beings, and Their answer is accompanied by an influx of energies of Sacred knowledge and Life into a person.
  • The God Father and The Goddess Mother, as true Parents, nourish Their children – human beings – with Life, Joy and Love.
  • Human beings place on the altar of the worship of their Divine Parents the achievements they have earned in fulfilling their Divine destiny.


Past achievements


Human beings in the process of their development and improvement have already achieved heighs. These achievements have been preserved in humanity as a memory of the Golden age, when everyone was happy and joyful, when harmony and beauty reigned around, when there were no wars, strife and suffering. Then the Gods freely visited people on Earth. People lived for a very long time, and the most worthy gained immortality and became equal to the Gods.


But people didn’t manage keep their joyful and happy world, because there were dark forces that seduced people and brought down their world into ignorance, torment and suffering. These dark forces had destroyed the relationship of the Human world with the world of the Gods and made humans their slaves, i.e. expendable to achieve their inhuman goals. However, despite the violence and oppression of the dark forces, humanity is still living memory of the Golden age, and not yet completely eradicated the people's desire for a joyful and happy Life, a thirst for Knowledge and Love.


Dark matter


The appearance of dark forces on the Earth, which significantly reduced the level of human being, was not local, but General, i.e. universal, phenomenon. The God Omnipotent and the Goddess omnipotent, creating the universes, place some of them very close to each other, like grape berries in bunch of grapes. And in such "bunch" of universes the humanoid universe happened to be next to one of the non-humanoid Universes.

In this non-humanoid Universe, mathematical logic and estimation reigned, there was its three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time, there was a hierarchy of its non – humanoid beings, and there was its God – universal Supercomputer, but there was no Life, Emotions and Love.

Support for existence of non-humanoids was carried out through the consumption of surrounding world resources the utilization of the waste of the existence of non-humanoid beings themselves. The activity of the universal Supercomputer was aimed at minimizing the entropy of the existence of non-humanoids due to scientific, technical and technological advances.

The basis of the existence of the universes are different kinds of waves, resonance and vibrations. As a result of the coinciding maxima of their oscillations, the humanoid and non-humanoid universes came into contact, but after the contact they did not releasewith each other, but remained in a "stuck" state. This happened due to the fact that the energies of the non-humanoid Universe are inanimate, "metallic", more "solid" than the living energies of the humanoid Universe. Upon the contact, the non-humanoid universe slightly deformed the protective shell of the humanoid Universe and, due to the resulting gradient of surface tension, stuck to it.

Due to the occured deformation, the protective shell of the humanoid Universe lost some of its protective properties, and in the place of contact of the universes the energies of the non-humanoid Universe were able to penetrate the humanoid Universe by diffusion. Thus, non-humanoid energies began to penetrate into the physical space of the humanoid Universe.

Along with the living, glowing and sparkling energies of the humanoid Universe, non-living and dark non-humanoid energies appeared in its physical space. Gradually penetrating into the fabric of physical space, they began to form a dark matter, unfit for life. The resulting dark matter fixed the connection of the non-humanoid Universe with the humanoid Universe. The God of the non-humanoid Universe, looking for ways to extend its own existence and existance of its Universe, the substance of which was quickly consuming by non-humanoids, estimated the resulted contact with the humanoid Universe as a chance to solve its problem: a new territory and new resources that can be mastered. However, the attempts of non-humanoids in physical form to penetrate the channels of communication formed between the universes into the humanoid Universe did not lead to success . It could not be done by a non-humanoid and in an energy form, the Supercomputer specially designed for this purpose. Successfully overcome the protective shell of the humanoid Universe was only possible with the help of lower copies of non-humanoids and reduced copies of the supercomputer itself.

For Non-humanoids, penetrated into the humanoid Universe, the question of existence was acute. The civilization of non-humanoids in their universe was arranged on the principle of anthill with hierarchical structural subordination, where each non-humanoid since its formation performs a strictly defined function. At the top of this civilization was God - the universal Supercomputer, and further along the hierarchy: managers, administrators, developers, production workers, workers, utilizers, etc. All the activities of this civilization were aimed at ensuring the existence of the Supercomputer, that is, at extracting the necessary energy for its supply.

In the non-humanoid universe, the entire spectrum of radiated energies was easily digested by non-humanoids. However, in the humanoid Universe, they could directly digest only an insignificant part of the energy spectrum, and only of a certain class of stars. Considering that most of the energy was used to support the existence of the Supercomputer, the question of the stable being of non-humanoids in the humanoid Universe remained open. Although there was a huge amount of energy necessary for the existence of non-humanoids, there was no access to it because it was contained in the matter of the physical world. And the non-humanoids had no physical structures in the humanoid Universe. Therefore, dragging out a miserable existence, the non-humanoids, together with the Supercomputer, moved from one suitable star system to another ...

So it was until the non-humanoids met people. This meeting radically changed the existence of non-humanoids and the lifebeing of people.

People possessed two qualities necessary for the existence of non-humanoids. First, the energies of life that people have possessed are easily digested by non-humanoids. And the power of these energies many times exceeded everything that the non-humanoids have known so far. So when mastering the star system of people, the question of the future existence of non-humanoids was removed from the agenda.

And secondly, people had the ability to create and create, influencing and changing the world around them. And this, in case of conquering people and their help, gave the non-humanoids unlimited possibilities to create their physical form, which, in turn, opened the door to the physical world of the humanoid Universe.

The supercomputer formulated the tasks, and the non-humanoids set about their execution. Thus began the conquest of the solar system and the conquest of people.

By the time of the appearance of non-humanoids at the borders of the solar system, people have already mastered it. Freely moving within the solar system, they settled all the planets and were already preparing to go beyond it to move to a new stage in the fulfillment of their divine destiny. People were perfectly prepared to interact with any kind of energy and life forms of the humanoid Universe. However, the encounter with non-human energies and the non-humanoids themselves stunned them.

Of course, the Great Divine Forces did everything possible to prepare people for interaction with non-human energies and non-human beings themselves. However, the lack of practical experience of such interaction among people gave the non-humanoids advantages that they did not hesitate to use. And the most important thing that people couldn’t understand and accept for a very long time, and what, of course, non-humanoids took advantage of was the lack of morality in non-humanoids and, as a result of this, their lack of respect for Life as a Creation of the Great Divine Forces.

At the beginning of interaction with non-humanoids, people tried to explain their actions from the standpoint of human morality and logic, and therefore constantly drew wrong conclusions and made wrong decisions. It didn’t even occur to people that non-humanoids have their own, non-human logic, in which there is no room for morality, but only a bare calculation in achieving the goal. At the same time, the people themselves and their star (Solar) system were considered by non-humanoids as legitimate prey, as the external environment and its attributes, which should be used to ensure the existence of non-humanoids and their Supercomputer.

As already mentioned, the non-humanoid Universe possessed only the physical world with deterministic three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time. In this space and time there was a non-humanoid technocratic civilization, on top of which stood the Supercomputer - the God of the non-humanoid Universe, managing non-humanoid creatures, who constructed under his leadership and built themselves various electronic and technical devices, including robots.

Non-humanoids invaded the physical world of the solar system, perceiving it and treating it on the basis of their characteristic description of the surrounding world. Based on this description, people were not full-fledged beings, because from the point of view of non-humanoids there was no logic in the actions of people. This allowed non-humanoids to attribute people to the lower special class of robots - biorobots with multifunctional physical bodies.

The non-humanoid energies gradually filled the physical world of the solar system, forming non-humanoid space and time in it. When people finally realized what non-humanoids are, instead of looking for methods and methods of neutralizing, annihilating and transforming non-humanoid energies as the basis for the existence of non-humanoids, they drawn into a war with non-humanoids. Thus, human beings reduced their level of Being to the level of the existence of non-humanoids and thereby created the conditions for the non-humanoids to capture the solar system.

The dark non-humanoid energy served as the basis for the appearance of dark matter in the physical world of the Solar System, which in turn caused the appearance of the physical bodies of people capable of symbiosis with non-humanoids. As a result, the war, which began in the energy space of the physical world, gradually moved to the physical level. In the physical space of the solar system, this war was waged by creatures with similar physical bodies, but completely different in nature.

Some creatures were people defending their human world. Although people reduced their level of Being, they continued to rely on human morality in their actions.

The other beings were non-humanoids, who, capturing the human world, acted in accordance with the programs incorporated in them by the Supercomputer.

Non-humanoids were deprived not only of ethics, but also of any morality. At the same time, for non-humanoids, the destruction of the physical world and all that was created by people, as well as people themselves, was the norm. Thus, the destruction of Life and the killing of living beings for non-humanoids was only a way to achieve the goal.

The symbiosis with the physical body of man opened non-humanoids access to the energies of life of the physical world, that is, to those energies that most fully supported their existence. And this means that by destroying the physical world and destroying people, the non-humanoids provided themselves with the energies of their lives. Against this background, the Supercomputer and, accordingly, non-humanoids began to treat people as sources of power, batteries, or batteries.

The war of people with non-humanoids could not lead to the victory of people, because any destruction of the physical world intensified the non-humanoids. The only way to stop the expansion of non-humanoids and restore the original order in the solar system was the restoration by people of their level of Being as human beings, for which it was necessary to master the techniques and methods of annihilation and transformation of dark non-humanoid energy and, accordingly, dark matter.

It is this path that gave people the opportunity to annihilate non-humanoid space and time in the solar system and deprive non-humanoids of the foundation of their presence in the human world. After that, people could begin negotiations on the principles of the existence of non-humanoids near the solar system. If these negotiations did not lead to anything acceptable, people would have the right to proceed with the annihilation of old and the creation of new programs for the functioning of the Supercomputer and, accordingly, the existence of non-humanoids. However, this did not happen.

There were several reasons.

First, the decline in the level of the Being of people significantly weakened the ability of people to directly interact with the Great Divine Forces and, accordingly, prevented access to powerful annihilating and transforming Divine energies. Secondly, this lack of communication with the Great Divine Forces led people to stop paying due attention to the sacral essence of their existence. Against this background, they began to forget about their Divine destiny, and began to look at interaction with non-humanoids as if through the prism of non-humanoid energies, perceiving the war for their human world as fair !!!

The essence of the change can be understood from the following example. There is a non-humanoid creature who wants to take away human territory. A person is able to change the program of the non-humanoid function by serving himself or even leaving his territory. Instead, the man begins to fight the non-humanoid for his own territory. And at the same time, naturally, he is defeated, because the non-humanoid is more prepared for war than a man. That's what it means to lower the level of Being.

Thirdly, in general, humanity has significantly decreased the level of consciousness, which has led to a violation of perception, the adequacy of understanding and the ability to make the right decisions.

Fourthly, the presence of dark energies in the human world had a destructive effect on the matrix of human states. Reducing the level of human morality, people began to believe that to defeat non-humanoids it is necessary to use not only the same methods, methods and techniques of actions and behavior as non-humanoids, but also to create more destructive ones. Such an “understanding” significantly accelerated the degradation of people's own human power.

Fifth, the presence of dark energies and dark matter in the solar system greatly deformed the space and time of the human world, which at first led to a distortion of the connection between the physical world and reality with their energetic and divine parts, and subsequently almost complete destruction. Ultimately, the non-humanoid energies filled the entire solar system, with the exception of the Sun and the near-solar space.

The energy connection of the physical world of human reality with the Divine space is almost completely interrupted, which stopped the natural evolution of human beings and the human world. Only the possibility of informational communication with the Great Divine Forces remains. 

And what about the Great Divine Forces themselves? Why They did not help people in their war with non-humanoids? Why, in the end, they themselves did not destroy the dark matter and its representatives? Could they not? 

Of course they could! Easily and naturally ... But it was not a matter of non-humanoids and dark matter. It was all about people. 

The Father God and the Mother Goddess gave people everything that made them magical creatures. With the power given by the Divine Parents, people could easily bring dark matter, dark energy, and the non-humanoids themselves into proper order. Could, but on condition that people had to remain human beings with their level of Being, and therefore consciousness and morality. But people, having lowered their level of Being, launched a chain of events and situations, passing through which they themselves had to stop their degradation, restore their level of Being as human beings and return to the fulfillment of their Divine destiny. 

The Great Divine Forces, of course, helped people, as They did, do and will always do, but in this case it is only informational. Direct energy assistance could not be carried out due to the fact that people are the main acting force in their world. 

If the Great Divine Forces themselves began to act in human reality, then people would no longer be needed, since in this case they would lose the status of the Main Acting Force. 

If the Great Divine Forces proceeded to annihilate dark energy, then against the background of reducing the level of Being of people to the existence of non-humanoids, which would lead to the annihilation of not only non-humanoids, but also people. In addition, the Higher and Great Divine Forces decided to observe the process of interaction of people with non-human energies. 

In the case when people could bring dark matter into proper order, the knowledge and experience acquired by people in this process would enable the Great Divine Forces to expand the Divine purport of human beings and entrust them not only with the evolution of humanoid universes, but also in the future and managing the development of non-human universes too. The whole thing remained only for the people themselves. 

But, preferring to continue the war, people gradually gave the entire solar system to the planet after planet. In the end, this war came to Earth - the cradle of humanity. And if the war in the solar system has practically nothing preserved in the memory of humanity, then the echoes of the war on Earth itself are preserved even in written sources. For example, about how Atlantis, inhabited by the Atlanteans – non-humanoids, waged war with Hyperborea (the birthplace of mankind - the original land of the Rus) and its ally Lemuria for world domination, i.e. for power over the Planet. 

In order to get to Earth, non-humanoids had to make significant efforts. The direct influx of non-human energy from near-Earth space onto the surface of the Planet failed. The earth itself possessed a powerful energy structure and protection system, which, annihilating non-human energies, did not allow them to approach the surface. 

Then, the non-humanoids chose the Moon as their outpost for penetrating the Earth. On the moon, they built a hub of their energies, capable of condensing them and radiating towards the Earth. The density of these energies was so high that, despite the defensive system of the Planet, some of the non-human energies still reached its surface, although over time the Earth annihilated them all the same. 

To keep themselves, on the surface of the Earth, the nonhumans needed a receiver and a storage of their energies. At the command of the Supercomputer, they began to perform this task. 

With each energy pulse emitted from the moon, the non-humanoids penetrated the Earth’s surface. However, the energy of the Planet continued to act both on the energies and on the non-humanoids themselves, who ceased to function after the annihilation of their energies. 

The construction of a receiver of non-humanoid energies, although it significantly reduced the number of non-humanoids, but in the end it was completed. And non-humanoids on the surface of the Earth received a supporting base on which they could already exist and continue to conquer the Planet. 

The receiver and accumulator of non-humanoid energies had the shape of a four-sided pyramid, in which energies accumulated and poured out beyond its limits, filling the surrounding space. Thus, capturing space, non-human energies spread across an ever-increasing territory. These energies also contributed their space and time, necessary for the existence of non-humanoids, but dangerous to human life. 

This is how Atlantis appeared - the place where dark non-humanoid energies (darkness) are concentrated, like the disease that has spread across the surface of the Planet. 

Nevertheless, the non-humanoids on Earth clearly were losing the war they unleashed. And then, to change the course of this war in their favor, the non-humanoids used such weapons of destruction, which put the Planet on the brink of destruction. And Hyperborea and Lemuria, in order to preserve the Life of the Earth, were forced to invest all their energy power and vitality to neutralize the blow of Atlantis. 

It was possible to save the Earth, but the consequences of the battle turned out to be destructive both for its participants, and for the Earth, and for the entire Solar System. 

The Earth experienced a planetary cataclysm. The axis of its rotation has shifted, the continents have changed their outlines and relief. Atlantis, as well as most of Lemuria and Hyperborea, were destroyed and sank. Virtually all nonhumanoids were destroyed, but almost all Lemurians died. 

The Rus survived on the part of the remaining sacred territory of Hyperborea (the territory of Russia), forming the backbone of the future of humanity. However, it was already a completely different humanity and on a completely different Earth . 

The cataclysm greatly changed the space and time of human reality, making them more like non-human than human. This situation further increased the gap between the Divine and the physical parts of a man. 

The physical body of man has become isolated, and only the Spirit and Soul of the physical body itself have remained in it from the Divine. People, having almost completely lost contact with their Divine Parents, ceased to fulfill their Divine destiny. People were struck by unconsciousness, they forgot that they are human beings, and fell into wildness. 

The natural process of the evolution of Life on Earth has ceased. In completely new conditions for themselves, people fell to the level of survival. But the preserved nonhumanoids already dominated in these conditions. 

After the cataclysm, part of the nonhumanoids remained. However, they could not exist for a long time physically, since they lost their energy store. In addition, the process of wear of their physical bodies was accelerated by the radiance of the Planet harmful to them. The same radiance destroyed the symbiosis of nonhumanoids with the physical bodies of people. Such a situation meant the gradual departure of nonhumanoids from the world of physical forms into the energy space, in which over time they would be annihilated by the radiation of the Earth 

At the same time, nonhumanoids on Earth did not have to wait for help from the space of the Solar System, since the cataclysm on Earth affected the entire Solar System and made the existence of nonhumanoids and the results of their activity in physical form impossible. 

All physical traces of the existence of nonhumanoids in the solar system were destroyed. The supercomputer calculated all options for the continued existence of themselves and the remaining nonhumanoids and came to the conclusion that the only chance for their safety is related to the possibility of adapting the nonhumanoids in the new conditions on Earth. 

Since the symbiosis of nonhumanoids with the physical bodies of people was destroyed, it was necessary to come up with something that allows them to gain a foothold in the physical world of the Planet. And the nonhumanoids decided to do this through the physical bodies of people who needed to be brought under complete control. This task greatly facilitated by the gap between the Divine and the physical parts of people. And the nonhumanoids solved this problem by introducing and fixing in the most suitable people their energy matrix  - a shadow. 

It is called a shadow because in the light energies of the human structure this matrix looks like a dark, alien formation. 

To optimize the management of people - carriers of the shadows, non-humanoids formed a society of them in the form of an anthill. "Anthill" consisted of a control center (mental center) - a kind of projection of the Supercomputer; the matrix producing the shadows that maintained with their children - the shadows a constant energetic connection (a kind of uterus of the shadows), and the shadows themselves performing various, including social functions. 

Being a projection of a non-humanoid, the shadow-matrix possessed all the characteristics and functions of a non-humanoid in relation to life, the world around it, and human beings. The purpose of the shadow activity remained the same as that of the nonhumanoids, that is, the conquest of the Earth, the conquest and subjugation of people and the formation of their technocratic civilization. 

Characteristic features of nonhumanoids were also manifested in the peculiarities of the psyche of carriers of shadows, which differed from people not only by the alienness of earthly Nature, but also by the positioning of their exclusiveness and chosenness. 

Shadows considered themselves to be the highest beings on the Planet, to whom everything that humans have, including the Planet itself, should belong. At the same time, people were honored with the role of lower beings with whom they must fight, and for the victory in this war, the shadows had the right to use any means. Morality was alien to the shadows as well as to nonhumanoids. 

The non-humanoid matrix in the structure of the physical bodies of the carriers of the shadows has generated a huge number of mental diseases that people have never had. Using shadows, nonhumanoids built receivers, accumulators and emitters of non-humanoid energies on the Earth's surface, thereby stopping their annihilation and continuing to fill the space of the Planet with their dark energies. Together with dark energies, carriers of the shadows (shadows) began to spread around the Earth, infecting everything around with the non-humanoid virus. 

Individuals male and female (shadows) were formed with a pronounced pathological desire to destroy all living things - necrophilia. 

People perceived the presence of shadows anywhere even without their actions as a threat to the outside world. People felt the pull of the shadows to of necrophilia. Shadows were alien to people in everything, including behavior, as they were carriers of the destruction of human morality. 

For people, Conscience and Morality were the foundation of Being, which was destroyed by shadows. And without Morality and Conscience, people ceased to be human beings. 

Understanding clearly that their main battle is for human morality and their human states matrix, people studied the behavior of the shadows in order to create a matrix of their states by analogy with their own. So gradually, words defining and characterizing nonhumanoid states of shadows began to appear in the human language: aggressiveness, deceit, guile, envy, rudeness, flunkyism, servility, etc. 

People with weakened morality were exposed to viruses of non-humanoid. Such people were expelled from clans and families. This should have led to the fact that the Nonhumanoids should have a significant impact on people. 

Despite the rather dense shroud of dark energies that enveloped the Earth, people, while maintaining their cohesion and unity, continued to successfully repel all attacks of shadows. 

The core of this unity remained the reliance of people on the surviving sacred knowledge, on faith in God the Father - the Great Odin and Mother Goddess in those hypostases and with the names under which people of different clans remembered them. 

Despite the gap formed between the earthly and Divine spaces, the appeal of people to their Divine Parents always carried a huge unifying and creative charge of energy, so necessary for people. 

After analyzing the situation, the Supercomputer came to the conclusion that he needed to destroy this contact of people with their gods. 

The energy absence of the Great Divine Forces in the physical space was the basis for the conclusion that the Supercomputer made that people are very primitive and pray to physical objects that are taken either directly as Gods or as physical symbols of their informational description. And in fact, no Higher and Almighty Power, about which people speak, really does not exist. 

Otherwise, this Force would either have destroyed it long ago, or he met and recognized it in the energy space of the physical world. But the Supercomputer liked the idea of ​​the existence of a Higher Principle controlling everything on Earth. And he, declaring himself the only God for the shadows, began a war with the gods of people. 

In fact, there was no war with the Gods, but there was a simple destruction of the Sacred knowledge and its carriers, as well as the denigration and substitution of the living Gods of people for various descriptions of the Supercomputer as God. 

Under the guise of God, the Supercomputer divided people into "their", believing in him as God, and "alien", who honored their clannish Gods. And then, starting a religious war, he plunged the people into the "War of the Gods”. 

However, over the course of time, the carve-up on “insiders” and “outsiders” was transferred to faith in various descriptions of the Supercomputer, and even on different interpretations within the same description. 

The struggle between people was needed by the Supercomputer in order to maximally deflate their vitality. 

In the end, nonhumanoids, by borrowing and compiling books from Sacred Knowledge, formed religious concepts and formed religions for both shadows and people. 

But these were very strange religions based on a strange Faith. Belief in these religions was built not on the worship of people of their Divine Parents, but on the fear of slaves before the punishment of their cruel Lord. 

Deprived of their sacred nature, these religions, instead of educating people and leading them in the process of fulfilling Divine destination, turned into religious opium for people, as they tried to keep them in captivity of the revery cast by the Supercomputer. 

Religions of the Faith imposed by the Supercomputer did not contain sacred knowledge, and therefore were illogical, absurd, and very aggressive. They did not tolerate dissent, and therefore encouraged the manifestation of violence up to the physical killing of the Gentiles. 

These religions were built and existed at the expense of sacrifices. It did not matter at all whether it was a regular animal sacrifice to the glory of the God-Supercomputer, self-sacrifice in defense of the faith, or the worship of any Sacrifice brought to the Supercomputer god. 

The latter case is unique in its hidden essence: the one who worships the Sacrifice automatically becomes the Sacrifice himself. And for each Secrifice there is always a predator. In this case, it is a supercomputer. 

By the way, the sacrifices were used by nonhumanoids to discredit the clan and people’s righteous gods. 

To this end, in the ancestral religions of the people, shadows treacherously took the places of high priests, and then declared that their gods demanded human sacrifices. Naturally, this averted people from such generic Gods, instead of which the nonhumanoids immediately slipped people into a surrogate religion. At the same time, the entire memory of the tribal Gods was destroyed along with the guardians of the Sacred Knowledge and material objects of power, and instead of the burned books of the Sacred Knowledge of the Shadows wrote fake myths about the generic Gods. 

Sacred books about God the Father - Great Odin and Mother Goddess did not escape this fate. 

Who now remembers who the Great Odin is? 

Do they remember that He is the living God, the Creator of the World Tree of Life, the Divine Father of people - the True God of the Rus and all kindred clans? 

Do they remember that at one of the Stoglav cathedrals it was decided to abandon the Faith of their ancestors - the Faith of the Great Odin? 

Not! Only a few know about it .. 

For most, The Great Odin is represented in the form of God by the barbaric Vikings, and moreover, as the bloody god of war ... 

Over time, the religionы of the God-Supercomputer spread across the entire planet, capturing to some extent all of humanity. But people are not getting any better from this. On the contrary, religious, ideological wars became the most destructive and prolonged, to this day abundantly saturating the Supercomputer with the blood of killed people. 

When the physical space of the human world was filled with non-humanoid energies, and non-humanoid space and time were built in it, the Supercomputer was able to take control of all other people. 

For this, he created biocomputers - personalities and matrices of non-human states in the form of ego. The ego was placed in every person. Through ego and personality, the Supercomputer has incorporated all people into a single matrix of its non-human reality. 

The ego of the personality replaced the matrix of human states, making a person more similar to a non-human necrophile in behavior, and also served as a pump that pumped out vitality from a physical body through non-humanoid states: fear, envy, greed, rudeness, groveliness, slavery, treachery, lust, narcissism, self-conceit, lies, deception, guile, etc. 

It was important for nonhumanoids to leave people under their control in order to create physical carriers for themselves with their help. Physical carriers should not be human beings, but should be like beings of the non-humanoid world. Negumanoids in their Universe were mostly robots that served the 

 Supercomputer. Therefore, in order to feel themselves as gods, they decided to make biorobots from people, serving them ... 

It must be said that nonhumanoids successfully managed to form in people an attitude towards their physical body as a biomachine and a temporary envelope into which a person infuses at birth in the form of Soul, consciousness or something else and leaves it when the physical body dies. And death for the physical body is a mandatory program .. 

On the part of nonhumanoids, this was a powerful anti-life sabotage that made people perceive their magical physical part, capable of developing and improving, only as an aging biomachine. 

And then, with the help of zombied and under his control people, the Supercomputer began to build its technocratic civilization on Earth, implementing the program of existence of the non-humanoid Universe. 

However, the biggest problem in the implementation of this program was created by the people themselves. Even zombie and infected with egoism, they still strove for their human side, for beauty and perfection, for spirituality and the search for the meaning of Being. Everyone dreamed of Love and his second half, preferring friendship and cooperation to hostility, self-interest and benefit. 

And then the Supercomputer decided to keep people in a state of constant struggle. 

Through external conditions and internal stimuli, he began to engage them in constant suffering for any reason and to increase the craving for necrophilia in people. For this, the Supercomputer began to reproduce a non-humanoid technocratic civilization based on egregore principles. 

Egregor - is any association of people on the principle of the pyramid. In such a "pyramid" for a personality only its location matters. The most significant place is at the top of the “pyramid”, and the least significant is at its base, i.e. the higher the place in the vertical of the “pyramid”, the more significant it is. 

In the egregore, the person himself, his abilities and qualities have no value. What matters is his position in this “pyramid” with its inherent external attributes. Moreover, it is considered that it is the position in the social "pyramid" that endows the person with relevant abilities and qualities: the higher the position in the egregore, the more talented the person is, reasonable, caring, honest, fair, etc. 

In fact, the higher a person is on the vertical of the “pyramid”, the more non-humanoid and egoistic it becomes.  

The top of the egregor is always occupied by shadows or golems and orcs, that is, direct defenders and performers of the non-humanoid program. 

All activities of people in the egregore are built on the struggle with each other for a higher position in the egregore. All the same type of egregors are fighting among themselves. And all egregors unite into a single planetary egregore, on top of which is a supercomputer. 

The supercomputer is fighting with the Planet and all human in people in order to build its technocratic reality. 

Through the struggle, the egregors extort from people their vital force that feeds nonhumanoids, shadows, orcs and supports the existence of a technocratic civilization. 

In order to keep people in the structures of egregors, the Supercomputer also introduced a biocomputer into people with a program - personality and ego, that is, a matrix of pseudo-human qualities and states that produce inhuman desires and motives for people for acting. All personality programs are not aimed at finding the Truth, but at acquiring profit and the attainment of pleasure. 

The ego embodies the pump for pumping out vital energy from the physical body of a person, destroying the matrix of human states and firmly tying the person to necrophilia. 

The basic basis for the entire multi-level system of egregors is the egregor of the family. And the foundation of the existence of the egregor family is selfish consumer relationships within the couple. 

For a family egregor, respect, love and cooperation between a man and a woman (husband and wife) are fatal, and therefore dangerous not only for all egregors, but also for the most non-human reality. Therefore, the main task for the Supercomputer, nonhumanoids and shadows is to keep people in a selfish and consumer relationship. 

Shadows destroy the chastity of people by debauchery and the planting of lust. Female-shadows with their easy accessibility destroy the integrity of men. 

The activity of the shadows reduces the high sacrament and magic of intimate relationships to their non-humanoid imitation - sex and low-grade pleasure. 

Negumanoids were able to shift the attention of people in the direction of adaptability and the resigned acceptance of the formed conditions of existence; distract them from development and improvement; inculcate in people the conviction of their insignificance and inability to change anything; replace the people sacred knowledge with the surrogates of their religious concepts and replace the Living Great Divine Forces with the constructed non-living schemes of the “divine” manifestation of the Supercomputer 

Nehumanoids built a technocratic civilization of consumers, where the measure of progress is technology, and the success of people is the level of consumption determined by their place in the egregore. And everything that exists within the framework of this civilization contains not human, but non-humanoid-egoistic energies. And most importantly - all of this serves the purpose of the physical embodiment of nonhumanoids at the expense of people's lives, but not the development and improvement of people as human beings. 

In this non-human-egoistic civilization has developed its own hierarchy of various creatures inhabiting the Planet. 

The top of this hierarchy is the Supercomputer, which is served by non-humanoids. Neither the supercomputer nor the nonhumanoids have physical media. 

Nehumanoids control the activity of shadows, which have physical carriers and occupy the tops of all egregors, regardless of their type. For nonhumanoids, this is very convenient, since it is always possible to give a command to the carriers of the shadows, who are at the head of the egregors, and push them together. For example, to draw into the war two more recently friendly states. Regardless of who wins this war, people will always be the losers, since any war and struggle is always against Life, therefore non-humanoids win. 

The protection of nonhumanoids is provided by golems, which are also the product of the activity of nonhumanoids. These artificially created carriers of necrophilia, whatever they touch, whatever system they head, only by their very existence do they destroy both the system and everything they touch. 

There is no better way to destroy a country and its population than to lead a golem state. No matter how tempting words about the welfare of the people he uttered, no matter how beautiful promises he made, in fact, his very existence as a head of state will be accompanied by total corruption (corruption is a manifestation of necrophilia in government); the destruction of the productive forces of the country (only the raw materials industries will remain); total impoverishment of the people, as well as an inexplicable, catastrophic demographic situation against the background of the heyday of drug addiction, alcoholism, the collapse of traditions and culture. 

There is no better way to destroy the country and its people than to put a Golem at the head of the state. No matter what tempting words about the welfare of the people he uttered, no matter what beautiful promises he made, in fact, his existence as a head of state will be accompanied by total corruption (corruption – the manifestation of necrophilia in public administration); the destruction of the country's productive forces (only raw materials industries will remain); the total impoverishment of the people, as well as the inexplicable, catastrophic demographic situation against the backdrop of the heyday of drug addiction, alcoholism, the collapse of traditions and culture. At the same time, there will be no sane foreign or domestic policy. The whole life of the country will be replaced by theatrical performances and show-off. 

Golems are serviced by orcs. Orcs are a product of the egoist involution. An orc is an egoist who has conpletelly no conscience. Orc for real or imaginary benefit from the golem or the shadow is ready to carry out any of their orders, up to the physical killing of people. 

The largest group are simply egoists. Egoists have human and nonhuman qualities intertwined. Therefore, the behavior of egoists is a bizarre mixture of human and inhuman acts. Egoists have more or less Conscience. The more an egoist has Conscience, the more he is a man. The less conscience, the more he orc. 

The system of egregors is built in such a way that the most oppressed in it are those in whom there is more Conscience, who is more human. Thus, the system of egregors produces orcs from egoists and is aimed at the destruction of all human in people. The media is a clear confirmation of this. 

However, the victory of non-humanoids over people turned out to be in fact a pyrrhic victory. Lacking the ability to create and build, and had suppressed these abilities in people (creativity and creation are born out of sacred knowledge in the process of interaction of people with the Great Divine Forces), nonhumans with their entire technocratic civilization have stalled. Everything seems to be fine: complete control over humanity; egregors are regularly supplied with vital energy; technologies are developing ..., - ... but something is not right ... - the energy potential is decreasing ... 

There are no new ideas, and the old ones have been handled many times and used in different variations and no longer produce the energy potential necessary to maintain the non-human reality . 

Civilization deadlock. Inhuman reality slowly and surely collapses and dies ... What to do? This is now the most important question for the Supercomputer and all nonhumanoids. Indeed, together with this dying reality, they are also annihilated. And in order to get at least some new energy, it is necessary to make people create and create again. And for this you need to give them the opportunity to become human beings. But it is very dangerous for non-humanoids, since the egoists will begin to see clearly and understand the real state of affairs. And then what will happen to the Supercomputer and non-humanoids? And in general, what then becomes with the most dark energy and dark matter? .. 

Free flight 

Let the above questions bother nonhumanoids and their handy. People should be concerned with the main question for them: is it possible to return to the original abilities received as a gift from the Great Divine Forces: to the freedom of creativity and creation, magical freedom, freedom of movement in space - Freedom as a human condition? 

If possible, what do you need to do for it? 

Since the moment of the occurrence of an event related to the penetration of dark matter into the solar system, the great Divine Forces have constantly prompted people what to do and how to return their status and abilities. They did this in various ways, including through the prophets, spiritual teachers, etc. 

The God Father and the Goddess Mother through the transformation of people, as the Main acting force of the human world, planned to carry out the necessary transformations on the Planet and then in the Solar System. At the same time, people themselves had to determine the nature of interaction with dark energy, dark matter and the beings produced by them. 

However, it was not possible to return people to the fulfillment of the Divine destiny at the expense of their own efforts, people no longer had the vitality to return to the process of development and improvement. In addition, people have significantly decreased the level of consciousness, which practically turned them into zombies, which operate under programs controlled by a biocomputer personality. 

And then the Great Odin and the Great Goddess Mother decided to give people who show at least some desire to develop and improve, additional energy to see what will happen. 

The results turned out to be quite impressive: only 3% of those who wanted to develop followed their goals, while the remaining 97%, having received additional energy for their development, used it to achieve selfish gain. 

The great Divine Forces repeated their research three times, and three times the result remained the same. But in order for people to remain the Main acting force on the Planet and carry out the necessary transformations, it was important that at least 10% of those people who were given extra energy should take the path of development and improvement. 

At the same time, conducting their research, the Great Divine Forces even facilitated the conditions of being for the people participating in this process, allowing them to improve their financial situation and reducing the pressure of an aggressive non-humanoid environment. It was important for Them to see if people could neutralize the matrix of egoistic qualities and, having ceased to be zombies of nonhumanoids and slaves of egregors, go on a free spiritual flight, on the forgotten journey of the magic of Love and Life. 

Taking into account the generally sad results of research, the Great Divine Forces decided to intervene in the processes occurring on Earth. At this point, the question of the survival of the planet Earth itself was already acute, since the entire non-humane undead and the egoists, controlled by the Supercomputer, have almost exhausted the entire life-giving layer of the Planet, without which it cannot exist. For the Planet, this life-giving layer is just as important as the life energy for the physical body of a person - when the life energy ends, the physical body dies, the same happens with the Planet. 

Initially, settling people on Earth as the Main acting force of the solar system, the Great Divine Forces created for them a special relationship with the Earth as with Mother. People were connected with the Planet and its life-giving layer through their collective heart field. Divine Love, flowing through the hearts of people into the surrounding space, connected humanity with the Soul of the Planet. The planet gave people strength to develop and improve their physical bodies. And people with their love strengthened and transformed the Planet. 

When non-humanoids penetrated the Earth and enslaved people, the connection between humanity and the life-giving layer of the Planet was interrupted, but its energy, through the egoists that people turned into, began to actively consumed by non-humanoids. 

The direct intervention of the Great Divine Forces first of all affected the situation with the Planet. God the Father and  The Goddess Mother began to restore the life-giving layer of the Planet and its energy structures. At the same time, they envisaged the protection of the life-giving layer from non-human undead and egoists. 

The planet gradually began to recover from the non-humanoid dope and come to life. 

Since people did not cope with dark energies and dark matter, the Great Divine Forces themselves intervened in the processes occurring in the Solar System and on Earth, drastically changing the status of people and the nature of human interaction with the Planet. 

Taking into account all that was associated with dark matter and dark energy, the Great Divine Forces began to change the conditions of existence of the humanoid Universe. They separated the nonhumanoid and humanoid universes, resettling the nonhumanoids into their own universe. 

The Great Divine Forces removed the deformations and restored the fabric of the humanoid Universe at the place of its contact with the non-humanoid Universe. 

They also began the process of annihilating dark energy and dark matter in the humanoid universe 

Restoring the harmony and resonances of the humanoid Universe, They added some more new soundings to her Life. 

Accordingly, the Great Divine Forces began to change the conditions for the existence of people on the Planet. Now the existence of humanity will be strictly determined by the matrix of the Divine laws of Being: the law of Development and Improvement, the law of Harmony and Beauty, the law of Cause and Effect (Justice), the law of Order and the Law of  Changes. With the strengthening of the laws of Being, the space and time of the human world will gradually change. In this new Human world only human beings can exist. 

As for the process of transition of the current reality into a new reality, it will affect all those who make up the present humanity. 

The non-humanoid structures of the shadows will be annihilated together with the structures of the non-humanoid anthill that unites them. Without the structure of an anthill, the former shadows either self-destruct, continuing the program of necrophilia, or are assimilated by humanity, ceasing to be an alien element for it. Assimilation for them is possible only on the basis of actions for the good of the Planet and humanity. In this case, the descendants of the former shadows have the opportunity to find a future. 

Golems and orcs, as explicit carriers of necrophilia, have no future. Their genetic lines will gradually be annihilated in one way or another, going to Non-Being. 

The egoists, in order for their descendants to have a future, have to go through "fire, water and copper pipes." But for those who will continue to seek benefits, this benefit will replace the future not only for them, but also for their possible descendants. 

However, even this transition is impossible without the active participation of people. Fortunately for humanity, it still has a small, but constantly growing, active part of people who seek the Truth and strive to develop and improve, to know their Divine nature, their Divine purpose and its fulfillment. These people are at the forefront of the evolutionary process of humanity. And since they are the first to go through the process of transformation, they are under the direct leadership of God the Father and the Goddess Mother and form the Great Odin's Warrior Host: the men in this Rati are the Warriors of the Spirit, the women are the Warriors of the Soul. 

Instead of conclusion 

Understandably, the shadows, golems, orcs, and egoistic personalities prayed and are praying to their non-humanoid supercomputer god. No matter what disguise he puts on himself and under what invented images he spoke, his essence does not change: he is not a living God. 

A supercomputer is an inanimate non-humanoid formation that exists only at the expense of the life energy of the people who worship it. Without people worshiping him, he will self-destruct and disappear into non-being. 

That is why the servants of his cults, being themselves parasites, that is, consumers of the energies of life, are so actively fighting for the number of the flock, for their so-called canonical territory, as well as the genetic binding of people to the Supercomputer. 

That is why these ministers are so opposed to any manifestation of sanity in people seeking to deal with the existing contradictions in the religious concepts of non-humanoids. 

That is why everything that goes beyond the scope of Supercomputer worship is declared sectarianism, to which the repressive forces of the state are attracted. 

That is why the desire of people to restore ties with their ancestral living Gods in the environment of non-human undead is considered unacceptable and is declared the creation of "destructive totalitarian cults" that represent a "deadly threat to humanity." 

In order to bind people to the inanimate images of the non-human God-Supercomputer, they are subject to informational pressure by all available media and occult techniques. Therefore, very often, feeling the artificiality of the imposed religious concept, people simply get lost, not knowing which God to pray to. 

Essentially, for a person there is no need to listen to anyone in this choice. His individual Spirit and individual Soul already know Who, in reality, are his Divine Parents. But the problem here is that most people, because of the annoying noise of their personality and ego, which unambiguously impose on the role of God different images of the Supercomputer, do not hear the voice of their Conscience, as well as Spirit and Soul. 

However, man has another structure that clearly answers the question of Who is the Creator and Creator of him as a person. And this structure can be heard not only by the person himself, but also by his personality and ego. And the voice of this structure is neither personality nor ego able to drown out. This structure is the human physical body itself. In this case, it would be more correct to say that this is the cellular memory of the physical body. 

The physical body consists of billions of cells. And every cell remembers Who created it, Who endowed it with Life and Who gives energy to sustain Life. And as soon as a person wants to know Who his physical body perceives by the Creator and Creator, he can easily do this using the simplest, often used in everyday life techniques of the yes-no system, for example, using a pendulum or ideomotor movements of the hand. And then, despite the presence of personality and ego, a person will receive an unequivocal answer: the Divine Parents of a person are the Great Odin and the Great Mother! 






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