The Sacred Name

People  address  the Great Divine Powers: the Great Male Principle and Great Female Principle, – as the Divine Father, Father God, and the Divine Mother, Mother Goddess, respectively, because They are their Divine Parents. The word «father» means the founder, initiator, and also the one, who takes care of others, teaches them and educates. All this is what the Father God does for people, and much more besides.

Correspondingly, the word «mother» determines the attitude of the Great Female Principle to people as to Its own children. The word «mother» also means the one who is the source of Life, who takes care of the preservation, saving and development of Life, out of which  force, energy and vitality are drawn. All this is what the Mother Goddess does for people, and much more besides.  And if the word “mother”, that reflects the attitude of the Divine Mother to people, is also the quintessential Name of the Mother Goddess, the Father God has his own    quintessential Name that signifies His role in the universe, and this name is Odin. Moreover, the presence of the Father God’s individual name reflects the structuring capacities peculiar to the Male Principle.

Odin, that is РѕРґРёРЅСЉin the Old Russian, means initial; the first; the only; single; complete; autocratic; monocratic.

Even such definitions of His name expose the manifestations of the essence of the Father God.

Initial– being the origin of something;

the first – occupying the initial place; being the source of some action before all others; occurred  primarily; the earliest from the future;  the most important; the most significant; the most considerable, surpassing all others; the best in all aspects; leading;

integral– representing inner unity, monolith; consisting of one component only (Odin is a pure manifestation of the Great Male Principle);

the only– only one, exceptional, remarkable;

autocratic– the one having all the power;

monocratic–  having  unlimited power.

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