• Honour  the Father God and Mother Goddess, keep Them in your heart, strengthen ties with Them every moment of your life.
  • Fill yourself with Divine Love while addressing the Father God and Mother Goddess.
  • Saturate with the Divine Lovethe world around and all the Existing and Living in it through your open heart.
  • Take care of your Soul, observe moral purity, live according to your conscience, act fairly.
  • Strengthen your Spirit, be strict and exacting to yourself; behave appropriately, decisively, boldly, with dignity and honourably in every situation.
  • Perform your Divine destiny persistently and purposefully; accept your Doom and your Fate to be a man gratefully.
  • Save and strengthen your human world, protect the Earth, keep them clean and tidy, strengthen harmony and beauty in them, be respectful to every manifestation of Life.
  • Treat your parents attentively and with care; be an example to your children and be their instructor; bring up your children and make them ready for serving the Father God and Mother Goddess.
  • Remember  that you are responsible for your life and the life of your human world to the Father God and the Mother Goddess.

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