We Are The Warriors Of Odin.

We minister to Odin,

because He

created the World Tree of Life,

manifestation of which we are.


We Are The Warriors Of Odin,

because we protect

The world Tree of Life from filth, from vermin.


We begin with ourselves,

because in each of us

there's also a part of the contamination - is our ego,

which prevents us to hear

that Odin tells us

feel the World Tree of Life.

Only purified itself from ego

you can really minister to Odin!


We follow a healthy lifestyle because unhealthy habits and all that destroys our body – is a manifestation of our selfishness, manifestations of impurity in us.

We are strengthening the Morality and Ethics. We are engaged in cultivating the human characteristics Dignity, Courage, Honor, Respect, Gratitude, and others. Strengthening of Morality, behave in any situation in accordance with Conscience, with Divine Laws of Life, reduce ego.

We are dealing with ecology, because we and the Nature itself, everything is a manifestation of the World Tree of Life, which we protect. The recovery of the purity of his native land and the entire Planet – is our - responsibility to protect the World Tree of Life!




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