The Creed


I believe in the Father God, the great Odin, and the Mother Goddess, His Divine Spouse, alive; uncreated; the Rulers of the Heaven and the Earth, of all the Worlds visible and invisible and all Existing and Living in them; who created the World’s Tree of Life, gave Life to human beings and Their Divine Love to men and women as the basis of human existence.


I realize that the human’s foreordination is to accomplish the Will of his Divine parents by which he is to maintain and enhance his own life and the life of the world granted to him, to fill himself with the Divine Love transfiguring himself into a highly spiritual and ethic creature and to fill his world with the Divine Love enhancing generosity, virtue and humanity in it.


I remember that I am responsible before the Father God and the Mother Goddess for everything that I have done and that I could have done, but haven’t.


I  take responsibility for my own life and existence, the life and the existence of my kin, the life and the existence of my human world.


I am grateful to my Fate for the possibility of being a human.


I dedicate all my efforts and activities to bring Heavenly Harmony, Beauty and Order to the earth human world.

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